Billy Gibson – BILLY GIBSON – North Magnolia Music Co. NMMC 0004


Billy Gibson kicks off this killer recording with a great shuffle, then goes on to display his multiple talents as singer, songwriter, and amazing harp player. With each note, he draws the listener closer and closer to his emotional messages in each song. There is no way to take this disc out of the player once you hear some of it. It is very contagious and keeps on giving you what you want, a great listening experience and a feeling of satisfaction. Even though Billy continues to make good music, this disc is a really powerful and diverse showcase for the band.
Billy has delivered these cool tunes with a few special guest artists, such as Johnnie Billington, David Bowen, Bobby Little, Pete Pederson and Charlie Wood. He shares the singing duties with Johnnie and Bobby, who wrote the songs that they sing, while Pete plays some tasty harp, Johnnie and David play some stinging guitar, and Bobbie keeps them all together on the drums.

The second half of this tight set is instrumental and it really allows everyone to smoke on some more jam oriented material. This is where Charlie Wood gets to do his stuff on organ along with Kevin Sheahan on bass who wrote three of the album’s five instrumentals. Of course, everyone gets a chance to shine, and boy do they ever! This is a great chance for the group to get into some jazz-blues that will have you captivated until the end.

Billy Gibson has really out-done himself on this one folks. If you ever get a chance to hear him, do it regardless of where or when. You will never be the same after one of his shows. Billy is currently touring as the frontman of The Junkyardmen, one of the tightest blues bands I’ve heard come from these parts in quite some time.

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