James Solberg – ONE OF THESE DAYS – Atomic Theory 1120


On this release, James Solberg belts out some southern-fried blues that will melt in your ears. A departure from his first solo effort, this time, the band is featuring Charlie Bingham, who co-wrote some of the songs and rides shotgun to James on guitar. These two guys really gel to make this a memorable listening experience. There is a definite nod to Memphis, as usual, with the addition of The Memphis Horns, Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love, and with the guest appearance of Bill Black on bass, on four songs. This album, with all it’s Southern rock flavor, does not depart from the steady-gooving blues we have heard from Solberg on his, and on the late, great Luther Allison’s CDs. James Solberg has got to have the best tone in the world, for whipping out this kind of excitement, song after song, disc after disc. Like I always say, any time a record makes me want to pick up my guitar and play, it is a winner.

In 1997, The James Solberg Band won the W. C. Handy award for Best Blues Band and this disc from `96 is all the proof you need that it is well deserved. Since the untimely passing of Luther Allison, we can all rest assured that along with Luther’s son Bernard Allison, James is helping to keep the blues alive for all of us who love it so much.

I just heard an advance cassette copy of the next CD, thanks to Solberg’s manager, Dan “The Bluesman” Ferguson, and every time we tried to talk about how good it was, the music would get our attention again. I am really looking forward to reviewing that one after it is mastered down to CD.

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