Jimmy King -SOLDIER FOR THE BLUES – Bullseye Blues 9582


Jimmy King is a guitarists who can hold up to scrutiny, when compared to the greats. Born in Memphis as Manuel Gales, he was given the name Jimmy because he sounded like Hendrix, and King, because while playing with Albert King, his adopted grandfather, he was taken under Albert’s wing. He has a strong spirit and when I listen to him sing and play, I feel the same way I did when I first heard some of my favorite guitar players. Only, this guy is way more than a guitar player. On the occasion of the release of this CD, “Little” Jimmy King is no longer “Little”. This time out, Jimmy has really put out a disc that is going to get him the attention he deserves. It is his third solo outing, with the fourth album being “The Gales Bros.- Memphis Left Hand Brand”, released in 1996, with Eric and Eugene Gales, two of his brothers.

With a good sense of humor and a strong conviction, Jimmy takes you to the kind of heights you go to when you listen to your favorite musician, and he has quickly become one of mine. When I first met Jimmy King, he was in B.B. King’s Club in Memphis and we were both there listening to Preston Shannon’s band cook. Jimmy and his twin brother Daniel were both there and I got some time to talk to them. I left Memphis with an autographed copy of the CD and made some new friends. On the way home I listened to the disc and man, that trip was well worth the effort. Recorded in Memphis at Royal Studio and produced by Willie Mitchell, Jimmy King and The King James Version Band have put together a great record that you really should already have in your collection. If not, go get it now!

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