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Estonia Music

P.O. Box 2161
Jonesboro, AR 72402
(870) 933-7070

Promoting the great songwriters in Northeast Arkansas Estonia Music offers songs in all genres to many markets. If you need blues, country, rock, jazz, or gospel songs for your band, television show, movie soundtrack, or computer game please E-Mail Larry Heyl.

Estonia Music Catalog

Songs by Larry Heyl

  • More Hairy Larry
  • Blues Alley Rag
  • Bruces Boogie
  • I Saw The Baby Jesus
  • Love Stuff
  • Movin'
  • The Morning's Made For Love
  • Think I'll Lay Around The House Today
  • Won't Be Down Always
  • You Know I Love You
  • Songs by Uldis Heyl

  • Down On Easy Street
  • Head Get No Air
  • Memories
  • Throw It On The Fire
  • True Religion

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