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The Juke House Stage

21st Annual
Mississippi Delta
Blues and Heritage Festival
Greenville, Mississippi
September 19, 1998

Robert Lockwood Jr. and Jerry Kattawar

The 21st annual Mississippi Delta Blues Festival was held on September 19, 1998 in Greenville, Mississippi. The festival opened at Noon with Oathar Turner and the Mississipppi Fife and Drum Band. The festival is held in a large open field that is transformed magically overnight into a place teaming with music, vendors, and a huge crowd of blues loving happy folks. Delta Boogie covered the Juke House Stage a smaller and more intimate stage featuring blues legends and up and coming Mississippi talent. The Juke House Stage is hosted by the Kattawar Brothers. Mike and Jerry Kattawar have hosted the stage for the past 11 years.

Guitar Charlie Blues Band
Guitar Charlie's screaming guitar style reminds you of Albert King.
For more photos of each act click on the pictures.

Eddie Cusic
Eddie Cusic's solo act is wonderful.
He plays traditional accoustic blues.

Po Henry and Tookie
Henry Dorsey and Tookie Collom perform with acoustic guitar and harmonica.

The John Horton Band
These guys perform hard driving Blues. They were the Juke House Stage Band backing several other performers.

Lil Bill Wallace
Lil Bill gave great performances
at the Nelson Street Festival
and the Juke House Stage.

Mamie Davis
Mamie Davis is a spell binding vocalist.
Her days are given to teaching Blues in Mississippi Schools

Tamy Gibson
Tammy Gibson is a fresh new face on the horizon. She can belt out the blues and you know she means it.

Robert Lockwood Jr.
Robert Jr. delivered an intimate set of great traditional Blues.

Willie Foster
The Willie Foster Band had the crowd dancing.

Kattawar Brothers
Mike and Jerry ended their set with Jerry climbing up on the roof of the stage singing "Baby, What I Say.

The Juke House Stage Crowd

A prize for traveling the farthest

A moment of rest for Jerry and Mike

Getting down at the Juke House

All photos copyright Larry and Vivian Heyl
Delta Boogie

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