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Hairy Larry and George at Jazz Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hairy Larry

Hairy Larry and George played at Jazz Thursday on September 26, 2013, pulling Jazz Standards from their broad repertoire. They also played one original, "Promises", and several acoustic blues songs.
Joining the duo were Rev. Rick, harmonica and vocals, on three songs and Shugga Shane, piano, on "Moondance".

KASU Jazz Thursday is held monthly at TheArtsAt311 in Jonesboro.

You can hear the entire show at the Live Music Archive

Listen Here


TheArtsAt311 is located at 311 S. Church St. in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The ArtsAt311 promotes all kinds of art, music, spoken word, theatre, visual arts, movies, multimedia, and more. Find us on Facebook.

Photo Credits - Robin Gasaway and Vivian Heyl


George, Larry and Shane


George and Larry


George and Rev Rick


Hairy Larry


Shugga Shane


George Smiling


070Hairy Larry Getting It


Rev Rick


Shane Chastain


George and Larry Cooking


Hairy Larry Singing


George On Bass


George and Larry Playing


LMA-George and Larry Playing


Hairy Larry-thumbnail