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Kier Heyl

Creator of Kier's Walking Buttons

Kier's Walking Button

Storm Bringer from Micheal Moorcock's Elric Saga. I drew it in Dr. Halo 4, and converted it to gif with GDS, which I got from The Skeletons Closet BBS (870) 933-2027.

Hi, I'm Kier. I'm the sysop of the JUG BBS, (870) 932-6949, and Programmer for Possesed Games. I'm 14 years old, and am from Jonesboro Arkansas. I spend most of my time on the computer, and when I'm not on it I'm usually busy being a smart as- uh... alleck, yeah alleck, when I'm not on the computer I'm usually being a smart alleck (ok I admit it, I'm sometimes a smart aleck on the computer too).

A Space Marine from the board game War Hammer 40,000. I drew it in Dr. Halo 4, and converted it to gif with GDS.

Well as I said before I program on the computer most of the time. My games will soon be released on the JUG BBS, and on this site. I play D&D a lot, and I draw, so most of my pictures are fantasy, you'll be seeing them on the JUG and here too.

The Star Ship Gold Star, drawn in AutoDesk's 3D Studio.

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