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Sunday In The Park 2011 - May 15, 2011

Each week Sunday In The Park kicks off with an open jam session which gives area musicians a chance to hit the stage before the featured acts begin. The unexpected is always expected at these jams.

Following the open jams the Spencer Brothers brought it with great renditions of classic old hits. The Johnny Cash song "How High's the Water Mama" was bang on considering how much rain the area has had. John and Tommy also sang some original tunes.

Songwriter/performer Angie Owens gave the audience a taste of her song writing skills with several original tunes, bringing back old favorites and introducing some new ones. She's always got a story to tell.

The last act of the day was Snap Crow Legs. They're a rock and roll band with a hint of Charlie Daniels. Mitch Hollifield's powerful vocal style steps it up a notch.

Thanks to all the musicians for the great music. Photos by Vivian Heyl and Robin Gasaway.


72-Ricky Bowen Maddog Willie Hairy Larry


Angie Owens Songwriter


Billy Beebe Blues Survivor


Gerald Hardcastle Jammin Bassman


Gregg Phillips has a nice hat too


John Spencer


Maddog Zif Gerald Carl Larry


Mike Zif Lovell


Mitch Hollifield


Nate Gastineau Greg Phillips


Nate Gastineau


Randy Gambill on drums


Rick Grippo


Rick Larry Mitch


Ricky Bowen Maddog Willie Hairy Larry


Ricky Bowen and his hat


Snap Crow Legs


Tanja McKay


Tommy Spencer