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Sunday In The Park - May 22, 2011


Volunteers Join Pogo

The threat of rain hung over the bandshell all afternoon but the music won out and rain stayed away the whole day.

Hairy Larry, Mike "Zif" Lovell and Randy Gambill kicked off the jams and were joined by Jim Keas. Hairy Larry doing his Pogo impression, the cartoon not the band, invited audience members to join the jams for a couple of songs.

Chester Jetton, a talented songwriter/performer gave an outstanding set. His songs speak to the joys and strife of day to day living. The simplicity in his presentation was a crowd pleaser. Just a man and his guitar and some great lyrics.

The day ended with a fantastic set from Even Break. These guys bring back the fun of good old rock and roll. David and Luke Reed have been playing music since they were kids and their children and grandchilren have continued the tradition. If you get a chance to see them, take it. You'll be glad you did.


More Cowbell Cameron


David Reed


Chester Jetton Songwriter


72-Volunteers Join Pogo


Albert Hall


Jim Keas


Jim Keas and Hairy Larry


Luke Reed-Hairy Larry-bass


Luke Reed


Luke Reed and Cameron


Mike Lovell and Hairy Larry


Mike Zif Lovell


Randy Gambill


-44- Jim, Larry, and Randy are Jammin

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