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Trilogy For The Arts - April 24, 2015


Terrell and Quentin

We held a multi arts recital in front of the ASU Fine Arts building at 11:00 AM on Friday, April 24, 2015.

3MG showed up first. Then Facilities came and set up the welder and safety equipment. Trevor got to make a few test welds before the music started. Lizz showed up with her hoops and Karen was ready to read with her dog at her side.

The Eleven O'Clock small group lived up to their name and started at 11:00. They played "Walkin" and my arrangement of "A Foggy Day". Then we started "Cats n Hammers, A Trilogy for the Arts". Trevor got to work while we played "Foggy The Cat" and Karen Newberry read my poem during the percussion break. It was spittin rain so we moved right into "The Cat's Meow". I was dancing with Lizz and a student joined us. What fun. By the time we finished the song it was raining and we tore down and did our best to keep our instruments and equipment dry.

Four out of five ain't bad and that's what we got to play before we rained out. But 3MG didn't get to play and we didn't get to hear our readers. So I am going to reconstruct the event in media by recording 3MG and the readers at a later date and creating a chronological document of what would have been.

Thanks to all who helped. It was a great time and a great recital. Something different like I hoped it would be.

Hairy Larry

Photos by Larry Heyl, Vivian Heyl, and Robin Gasaway.

YouTube Playlist of the event.

Some performances were rained out on May 24. These were reconstructed later and added to the playlist in program order.

Also Arkansas State students made a short documentary of the event with good video of Trevor welding and Liz dancing as well as the jazz musicians.

Click here to view the Arkansas State video.


The Sculpture




Karen and John


Gregory Hansen Reading A Florida Fiddler


Dance Party


Steam Punk Sculpture by Trevor Scudder


Eleven OClock Small Group


Another View Of The Sculpture




Don Bowyer On Trombone


Karen Reading


Mike Luster Reading


Zen In The Sun


Rick Lott Reading


Kevin Tinker Trumpet


Lizz Dancing With Hoops


Trevor Scudder Holding Zen


TJ on Trumpet


Terrell Emily Quentin Jack Brandon Tyler


Rhythm Section on Foggy The Cat


Larry on Piano


Zen Right Side Up


Tyler on Vibes




Trevor Smiling With Zen


Jack on Congas


Hunter Durham


Cody Clinton Hunter and Josh


Cody Ballard Sax


Clinton Hunter and Josh


Brandon and Don


Here comes the rain


Trilogy Program


Terrell Montgomery