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Azul and Midori at Jazz In The Loft at The Edge Coffeehouse, February 11, 2017


Chris Isom Grooving

Azul and Midori played two wonderful sets kicking off the Jazz In The Loft at The Edge Coffeehouse concert series. We heard songs by Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Horace Silver, and Freddie Hubbard.

Azul and Midori are Alex Ditto, guitar; Kevin Tinker, trumpet; Spencer Rawlins, bass; and Chris Isom, drums.

Followed by Bebop Beatniks and Friends for a fun night of jazz music Jazz In The Loft is off to a great start.

Click here for the Bebop Beatniks In The Loft photo gallery from the same night.

Photo Credits - Larry Heyl


Spencer, Kevin, Chris, and Alex


Chris and Alex


Kevin and Alex


Spencer and Kevin


Alex Ditto


Spencer Rawlins


Alex, Spiderman, and Paul


Alex Spiderman and Paul


Chris Isom Grooving


Spencer Rawlins