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Bebop Beatniks at the ASU Farmers Market, September 15, 2018


Parker Robinson

Bebop Beatniks and Friends jazzed up the ASU Farmers Market on a steaming hot September Saturday. As the crowd browsed the booths filled with lots of goodies they enjoyed both original and classic jazz offerings from these great musicians.

The band plays at the Farmers Market every Spring and Fall. They also perform at ASU, the Jonesboro Public Library, and restaurants, coffee houses and clubs in NE Arkansas.

To learn about the history of jazz and see what the band has to offer visit their website at

Listen to recordings of this show at the Live Music Archive.

Jon Vickers - alto sax
Tyler Remagen - tenor sax
Parker Robinson - tenor sax
Chris Wilson - trumpet
Paul Nunis - bass
Alex Washam - drums
Hairy Larry - piano, vocals

Photos by Vivian Heyl


Jon Parker Tyler Chris


Hairy Larry Vocals


Chris Wilson


Paul Smiling


Jon Parker Tyler


Tyler Remagen Tenor


Alex Washam Drums


Jon Vickers Alto


Larry With Bebop Beatniks Banner


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Tyler Remagen Tenor