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Billy Jones Bluez at KASU Bluesday Tuesday on July 17, 2018


Billy Jones Grinnin

It was a wonderfully cool evening for July in Newport, Arkansas, with occasional light showers when Billy Jone Bluez took the stage. Dancers enjoyed their country music covers and everyone enjoyed their blues. Billy Jones is a real entertainer and he didn't let the audience down. The music was excellent, the jokes were funny, and everyone had a great time. We were all very happy to have Billy Jones Bluez back at KASU Bluesday Tuesday.

Billy Jones - guitar/vocals
Corey Bray - keyboards/vocals
Ricco Smith - drums
Keevan Dodson - bass

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Photos by Larry Heyl.


Billy Jones Lookin Up


Corey Bray-keys


Billy Jones Happy


Keevan Dodson-bass


Billy Jones Singin


Ricco Smith-drums


Billy Jones Eyeballin


Billy Jones Grinnin


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