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Blues Fest, September 10, 2006

show notes

Photo Credits -


adam williams gage country-907


anita k-0935


ashley gage gage country-1019


bill gage-0898


bill gage ashley kelsey gage country-1017


billy spence-0871


blonde headed dancer-1037


charles mayes pasttime-0776


charlie cooper-0843


dan ferguson-0665


dan shaw dubro


danny guthrie wolf pack-0944


dave pearson billy spence-0859


dewayne mounce wolf pack-0977


don henry banjo


don henry pasttime bluegrass-0745


esmerelda wolf pack-1048


freeman rhodes wolf pack-P1050964


george hinds mary jackson-0785


hairy larry guitar


ira pierce gage country-0906


jerry bell-1012


jim keas-0839


kelsey gage gage country-0891


leon goff gage country bass-0902


mark hill-0821


megan heyl-0694


preston cline mandolyn


red headed singer-1036


rick rooker sr-1000


ricky lane-0960


ricky rooker guitar


scott mathes-0659


scott mathes tribute song-1008


seth gage gage country-0888


shannon gage-0887


tammy hammett bass


tony lewis wolf pack-0953


tootsie wolf pack-0994

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