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Sammy Creason

Born - November 27, 1944
Died - December 21, 1995
Birthplace - Jonesboro, Arkansas
Last Residence - Nashville, Tennessee
Buried - Oaklawn Cemetary, Jonesboro, AR

Sammy Creason was a drummer. Not just any drummer, he was Slamming Sammy, the drummer with a back beat that didn't quit. Sammy was a part of the RocknRoll generation of the late 50s and by the time Rock had gone into full swing in the 60's Sammy was an integral part of the scene.

Sammy was one of those people who always had a smile on his face. He liked everybody and he was generous to a fault. He was notorious for sitting behind those drums, sweat dripping, sticks flying, and the biggest smile in the world plastered on his face.

Growing up in Jonesboro he learned to play in the strong music scene that included such folks as Joe Lee, Larry Donn, Billy Lee Riley, Bob Tucker, Sonny Burgess, Carl Perkins, and many many more. Memphis, Tennessee was just down the road and played an important part in his life as well. These were the folks who were inventing RocknRoll and Sammy was there to invent a little of it himself.

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