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Fred Wilson

Uncle Fred Wilson was born on the Gulf Coast in 1945. His parents decided they didn't like the name they had given him so they filed another birth certificate with the name Fred. This was probably the reason he so often makes up his own rules in life.

He learned to play piano as a child but pianos are hard to carry around so his mom paid $18.50 for a Harmony Monterrey and they could never persuade him to go back to piano.

He began writing songs in 1967 and they've never been able to dissuade him from that either. In 1968 he compiled 10 songs into a book called "Uncle Fred's Songbook." That book was followed by "Uncle Fred's New Songbook", then "Movin' On", "Rocky Mountain Water Tastes Like Champagne Wine", "The Closer You Look the Less You See", "Black Prairie Thunder" and "Riverside Picnic."

After three failed marriages he met Suzanne Michell and they formed a solid partnership which has produced better music from both.

His day job is in the venereal disease section of the State Health Department, but he finds lots of time to promote his and Suzanne's music as well as the music of other members of Arkansas' blind community.

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