Kevin Vs. Pyros - Chapter 1

Kevin Vs. Pyros - Chapter 1
Fiction by Carl Heyl
Artwork by Kier and Carl Heyl

Pyros' flames boiled and cracked shining different colors, blue, red, orange. Kevin's face gleamed with sweat, not only from the heat. He was suposed to FIGHT this guy. Pyros was just like any other guy except when he gets mad he can generate heat, even make fire, and Kevins sister just had to piss him off. His flame generation was because of some curse a wizard put on him in his adventuring days and to top it off Pyros was intent on kicking kevins butt across town.

"Ready farmboy" said Pyros.

"No" said Kevin.

In return Pyros' answer was a jet of flame. Kevin was able to dodge. Don't get me wrong, Kevin was a good fighter and he trained every day, but Pyros was better and they both knew it. The crowd that formed around them cheered. This was just like an execution except a lot more painful. Pyros pulled out a sword and handed it to Kevin.

"Ok, farmboy, lets begin the dance"

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