Matt Lucas At The Rockabilly Hall of Fame Show

The First Rockabilly Hall of Fame Concert

Hello! What great fun we had in Jackson! Wish you all could have been there. We got there on Wednesday afternoon and the only other act that had arrived was my friend Marshall Lytle, bass player and organizing member of Bill Haley's Comets. A real swell person.

Thursday they started checking into the hotel and the Private Party got under way at 6 pm. It was fun mixing, and catching up on old times and meeting some people that I had never met. We all got up to do a little spiel and then a jam session started.

When I got on stage I had my ol buddy Ace Cannon on Tenor Sax, (I think it was the first time we had seen each other without a drink in our hand) --Tommy Allsup, lead guitar

Matt with Marshall Lytle

(Tommy won a grammy this year) Big Al Downing, Piano, W.S. Holland Drums, (He played drums with Johnny Cash for close to 40 years) and a bass player from Crossfire. We jammed and had a good o'l time.

The next morning we were picked up to go to the ground breaking at Pringles Park in Jackson with a police motorcade on the interstate. Wow! very impressive. After the ceremony the limos drove us to Jackson City Hall to sign autographs for a couple of hours.

Brenda Lee was there as well as Marshall and the Comets, Dave Crimmen, Bobby Carraway, Mack Self, Burl Boykin, Jordinaires, D.J. Fontana, Crickets, Rock & Roll many too recall, but it was fun. Bob Timmers from the web site was there. He is a great cat that has really done a lot to keep the roots of the music alive as well as Dick McVey and Henry Harrison who should be praised for starting what will be a yearly event.

Brenda Lee and Matt

Things went pretty smooth and all the acts were good. Some strange things happened, but they always do. My best friend Narvel Felts followed me on stage and tore it up with his voice, hitting notes like Maynard Fergenson's trumpet. Excellent as always.

Saturday Night the Original Coments just brought the house down, getting standing ovation after standing ovation. There's just no way I can tell you about all the acts, but Sunday night "The Rockabilly Queen" Wanda Jackson Tore It UP! In fact her trio the Cadillac Angels with a chick going crazy riding the upright bass had the place jumpin.

The next day as we were checking out I got a call from Lou Hobbs who had cut some tracks in Nashville at Evergreen and wanted me to put my voice on one called Bluest Tears. It took me about 5 takes as we cut it at 8 am the next morning then we split for Florida.

What a weekend, wish you all could have been there! Matt reporting in for Delta Boogie.

All Photos Copyright Matt and Barbara Lucas


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