Naked Movie Reviews
By Janie O

Each movie reviewed is linked to The Internet Movie Database one of the largest collections of movie data on the internet. Additional info for the movies may be obtained by clicking on the underlined title of the movie.

The Movies

New Reviews

Where the Heart Is - A fine story, well done.

Perfect Storm - Great trip. Based on a true story. One of the characters in the movie (Linda Greenlaw) has written her own story of the sea "The Hungry Ocean". I saw her interviewed and she's a scream. Visual effects were spectacular. The second boat was not fully developed so I was glad to have seen the A&E special about the event before I saw the movie. Mike read the book first and says the movie did it full justice.

The Patriot - Beautifully made movie. Based on a real life person known as the swamp fox. Malco's stadium seating is terrific and I really felt I was in a couple of the battle scenes. You can hear it firing all around you and you may even duck when the cannon ball is fired at you. I laughed, I cried, I loved the movie.

Mission Impossible 2 - This was terrific. Tom Cruise as James Bond with teamwork.

Chicken Run - this was The Great Escape/ Stalag 17 in stop motion clay animation. The characters were endearing and parts of this are really scary. We laughed all the way through the movie. (Except for the really scary parts.)

Gladiator - Way too much testosterone. I liked seeing Derek Jacobi in Roman garb again. Richard Harris, Oliver Reed, and Russell Crowe were all excellent. I prefer Ben-Hur.

U571 - I really loved this one. I was Poisendon Adventure tired afterward. Check out Das Boot.

Frequency - What was that? I loved the characters and cared deeply that they survive but the plot was really twisted. I could forgive everything except the very last scene. Why hadn't that cop been in jail for the last thirty years- they had the goods and he hadn't been hard to find.

New Video Releases

American Beauty -Annette Benning was robbed. She was way past excellent in this one. What a story. Well done.

Mystery Alaska -I liked Bad News Bears better.

Older Reviews

Armageddon - EXCELLENT!! They blow things up real good. It is non-stop. I was exhausted when I left the theater. Shades of Towering Inferno and Poisedon Adventure. The web address is

Out Of Sight - This is a winner. I need to read more Elmore Leonard books. This has a great cast. The theater was almost deserted at the matinee but everyone in the theater was laughing and enjoying this flick. I may go see this one again before it gets away. That's a good trick since Malco only shows the really good movies for about a week only.

Perfect Murder based on Dial M for murder, is riveting. Hitchcock would have approved of the new twists to the story. Michael Douglas is always fun to watch and he sure looks like his Dad when he gets angry.

Deep Impact needs a deep plot. Mike wanted to leave but I stayed for the graphics at the end and was sorry I didn't listen to him, again.

The Horse Whisperer is three hours long. THREE HOURS LONG!

City ofAngels -take lots of kleenex.

As Good As It Gets: I thought this one was overrated. Jack Nicholson plays himself..again. I can't see anyone else in his role. I had a couple of laughs and enjoyed the movie overall but not one of my top ten.

Good Will Hunting: This one is tops. I came away wanting to quote almost every line. My daughter says she's heard them all before (must have been from a friend who saw the movie).

Titanic: I was lucky enough to catch this one at the 150 in Little Rock. I haven't been back and I've heard that's a real common occurence for chicks to return again and again. Lorraine says she's seen it three times and wants to go back.

Sphere: Sphere:I enjoyed this one. It's a white knuckle movie and I was a step ahead much of the time but I love the cast.

Palmetto: This one got ahead of me. I enjoyed the twists and turns. It's a lot like Body Heat and while Woody is no William Hurt...Elizabeth Shue is every bit the vamp Kathleen Turner played. Where did this one go? Just like LA Confidential, it lasted one week and was gone.

The Big Lebowski is certainly not Fargo but it is still very entertaining. There were more than a few belly laughs and everyone in the theater was joining in. It was a little slow in places and continuity is always a bug with me and this movie has a very obvious spot. If you're offended by nudity, language, or violence this movie is not your cup of tea. It's certainly no worse than Fargo for those offenses.

Twilight is another film noir I've seen lately. The other being Palmetto. Paul Newman and the rest of the cast are excellent though a bit slow at times. Susan Sarandon and Reese Witherspoon have some nudity early in the film. This is not a movie I would want to see with my mother.

Seven Years in Tibet- I love Brad Pitt sooooo much. The movie was so gorgeous on the big screen I don't know how well it will translate to the smaller version. It is a glamourized version based on true story. I recommend it but especially for Brad fans. Release date - April 7.

Red Corner- Stars Richard Gere who has never really attracted me. It was a good movie but I hardly remember anything specific about it. I plan to rent it to refreash my poor memory.

L.A. Confidential- I plan to see this one at the theater. Release date - April 14 Stay tuned.

The Full Monty -March 10: I laughed my socks off at this one. I'd see it again.

A Thousand Acres - March24: I read this book and was very excited about seeing the movie. It stayed really close to the book and I loved it. I thought there would be some academy award nominations for the actresses.

U-Turn -March31: We were going to see LA Confidential but it was only here for one week. We should have taken a hint from the title. Sean Penn at his worse. This movie was so bad I wanted my two hours back!