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Jeannie and The Guys at Blue Monday in Paragould - July 20, 2009


Jeannie Hendrix

It was a real party at the Red Goose Deli in Paragould, Arkansas, on July 20, 2009. Jeannie and The Guys aka the best Rock and Roll band in the world was making the finest noise you ever heard and the audience was dancing their tails off. As they say, it don't get no better than this.

Thanks to KASU, 91.9 FM or, for bringing Jeannie and The Guys to their Blue Monday show.

Photos by Hairy Larry


Doug Greeno gettin it


Marcus Grady picking and singing


Jeannie Hendrix and Zyndall Raney performing at Blue Monday in Paragould


Jeannie Hendrix singing from the heart


Doug Greeno singing at Blue Monday


Marcus Grady taking his turn at the mic


Doug Greeno


Jeannie Hendrix