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Sunday In The Park on May 24, 2015


James Hoover

A jam session with Hairy Larry's Merry Pranksters kicked off the 2015 Sunday In The Park on May 24 amid threats of stormy weather. A chance of rain didn't daunt the performers or the audience as the strains of such standards as "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" and "House Of The Rising Sun " floated across the lake at Craighead Forest Park.

The Pranksters, Hairy Larry, Mike McLeod, Don McGregor and James Hoover harmonized their way through several different hats before Mike took the stage to present his one man show.

Mike McLeod isn't just a pretty face he's also a talented musician and songwriter. Mike accompanies himself on harmonica and guitar but it's his powerful vocal delivery that brings something extra to the audience.

The Spencer Brothers are in the finest tradition of country and rock and roll. You won't hear anything more authentic than what they deliver. John Spencer is also an accomplished song writer who presents his music with such genuine feeling that you can't help but be captivated by the performance. Listening to his brother, Tommy, is like taking a walk through the 50s rock and roll music scene. If you ever wanted to know how it sounded at the start make plans to hear these guys. It will be worth your while.

Don McGregor, Steve Lockwood and John Chambliss closed the day under the threat of rain. These pros presented a first-rate set that knocked it out of the park. Steve and Don have distinctive vocal styles and they own their music. Their performance included original tunes as well as blues, jug band and other standards.

With two more Sundays of great music still scheduled this spring the 2015 season will bring a happy grin.

Photos by Robin Gasaway and Vivian Heyl


Hairy Larry


Mike McLeod


Tommy Spencer Singing


John Spencer Shining


Steve, John and Don


Steve Lockwood


John Chambliss


Don McGregor and his hat


Hairy Larry


James Hoover

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