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Sunday In The Park 2008 - June 1, 2008

show notes

Photo Credits -


72-jerry farris


72 dennis mathes


bill davis


charlie cooper-keys


dave brown-drums


dennis mathes big creek


dennis mathes bw


dennis mathes hairy larry


dennis mathes promo


dennis mathes steel


frank brogdon-fiddle


george hinds


gordon britt-guitar


greg phillips-singing


hairy larry harp


jerry bell dennis mathes


jerry bell guitar


jerry farris-grinning


jerry farris-sings


jim keas-vocals


matt horton-singing


mike rudi-bass


mike watson guitar


nathan gastineau-digital drums


randy gambill bandshell


rich greg matt jerry-snap crow legs


rich grippo-bass


shane-pickup band


shane chastain-singing


sonny ackerman guitarist


wendell bell drums


wendell bell jerry bell