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Arkansas Blues Caravan - May 20, 2007


Blind Boy White

On May 20, 2007 musicians from all over Arkansas converged on the Craighead Forest Bandshell in Jonesboro, Arkansas. This live music CD was compiled with songs played at that event. Photos and more information are available on Delta Boogie.

Arkansas Blues Caravan on Delta Boogie

Sunday In The Park - May 20, 2007

The Hairy Larry Jam Set

Mike "Whiskerfish" Dollins and The Big Blue Cats

Ben "Swamp Donkey" Brenner

Sandy and Roy McCann

Jawbone and Jolene


Songs available for download from this page are originals or traditional. Contact for a copy of the CD for broadcast or internet radio.

Here are the CD credits.


Arkansas Blues Caravan
Recorded May 20, 2007 at the Craighead Forest Bandshell
All performances were donated and distribution is with permission.

1. Phone Booth (Robert Cray) Mike "Whisker Fish" Dollins and The Big Blue Cats
2. Two Sets Of Books (Fred Wilson) Suzanne Michell and Uncle Fred
3. St. James Infirmary Blues (Traditional) Suzanne Michell and Uncle Fred with Blind Boy White, trombone
4. Sheik Of Araby (Smith, Snyder and Wheeler) Suzanne Michell and Uncle Fred
5. New Stranger Blues (traditional) Jawbone and Jolene
6. The Evil You Know (Patrick Kenyon, Peggy Kenyon) Jawbone and Jolene
7. Blanket Of Blues (Peggy Kenyon) Jawbone and Jolene
8. Talk About Something Blue (Chris Thomson) Blind Boy White
9. Bring It When You Come (Traditional) Blind Boy White with Ted Thorsen, drums and Mike Dollins, guitar
10. Run On (Traditional) Sandy and Roy with Ted Thorsen, drums; Mike Dollins, guitar
11. HiFi Daddy (Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, and Frank Beard) Sandy and Roy with Ted Thorsen, drums
12. Goober Blues (B Brenner) Ben "Swamp Donkey" Brenner
I Can't Be Satisfied (Muddy Waters) Ben "Swamp Donkey" Brenner
Goin' To Arkansas (B Brenner) Ben "Swamp Donkey" Brenner
13. Crosscut Saw (R G Ford) Mike "Whisker Fish" Dollins and The Big Blue Cats Mike Dollins vocals with Randy Gambill, percussion
14. Born In Chicago (Nick Gravenites) Mike "Whisker Fish" Dollins and The Big Blue Cats, Ted Thorsen vocals with Hairy Larry, harp and Randy Gambill, percussion
15. Baby, What You Want Me To Do (Jimmy Reed) Hairy Larry, guitar and vocals; Sandy McCann, bass; Roy McCann, drums; Billy "Mad Dog" Beebe, harp; Ted Thorsen, vocals; Randy Gambill, percussion; Brandy Gambill, vocals

The Big Blue Cats are Mike "Whisker Fish" Dollins, guitar; Mark Dixson, bass; Ted Thorsen, drums; and Ben "Swamp Donkey" Brenner, guitar.

Suzanne Michell and Uncle Fred are Suzanne Michell, guitar and vocals; Fred Wilson, guitar, harmonica, and vocals

Jawbone and Jolene are Patrick Kenyon, harmonica and vocals; Peggy Kenyon, guitar and vocals

Blind Boy White is Chris Thomson, guitar and vocals

Sandy and Roy are Sandy McCann, bass and vocals; Roy McCann, guitar

Hairy Larry is Larry Heyl

Produced by Hairy Larry for HairyLarryLand.
For broadcast and internet radio.
Not for resale.

If you know a station that might play songs from this CD send me the station ID and an address and I'll send a copy. Email

Live Music Archive - Hairy Larry

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Thanks to Craighead Forest Park, Ramada Ltd. of Jonesboro, Bella'z Restaurant at Walnut Ridge, and all the musicians.




Ben Brenner


Big Blue Cats


Suzanne and Fred


Hairy Larry


Jawbone Jolene


Mike Sandy Ted Roy


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