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Beatles At The Ridge September 16, 2023


Beatles Park Poster September 16, 2023 Please Share

Bebop Beatniks will be performing at noon in Beatles Park on Abbey Road in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, on September 16, 2023. Featuring Hairy Larry playing chill jazz piano. Bebop Beatniks plays all original jazz compositions.

Following the show Matt Chaney will be at Eclectic Geekery to talk about the Beatles visit to Walnut Ridge and to sign copies of his book, "River Shows, Blues, Ragtime, Jazz and Country Music".

So come early for Bebop Beatniks, hear Matt Chaney talk about the Beatles at Eclectic Geekery book store, located at the corner of Abbey Road and Main Street, and stay for music all day.

Read more about Beatles At The Ridge festival here.