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KASU's Bebopalooza! - April 23, 2011


Daniel Webb and George Hinds

KASU's Bebopalooza! was at The Edge near ASU in Jonesboro, Arkansas on April 23, 2011.

Opening the show was the Jazz Thursday house band, The Ad Hoc Combo. Then Essie the Blues Lady played. Essie Neal is from Little Rock, Arkansas. She was backed up by The Swing Band Project plus David Hall, alto; Daniel Webb, tenor; Cody Ballard, tenor; and Carl Abraham, drums. David Shade also joined Essie for a song on guitar while David Hall drummed.

Then there were three student acts. The Pre Collegiate Jazz Band, The ASU Lab Band, and Astate Delta Vox. This was followed by a drum circle with Free Jazz on the lawn.

The show closed with a set we called Jamming with The Swing Band Project. Special guests David Shade, Alex Ditto, and Daniel Webb jammed in with us and I can safely say a good time was had by all.

Photos by Megan Heyl and Robin Gasaway.


Alex Ditto--44 Paul Moore, and Hairy Larry


Daniel Webb, Paul Moore, and Hairy Larry


David Shade and George Hinds


Essie The Blues Lady


Hairy Larry and Mike Lovell


Louella Moore and Essie The Blues Lady


Paul Moore

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