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Billy Jones Bluez at KASU Bluesday Tuesday on August 9, 2011


Billy Jones Telling It

Billy Jones Bluez stunned the Bluesday Tuesday audience in Newport Arkansas with their virtuosity and their versatility. The band is a new Blues phenomenom but in addition to their extremely hot repertoire of original Blues songs they played requests for everything from "Mama Don't Let You Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" to "Purple Rain" and "Fire".

Billy was magic on stage. I mean literally magic as he produced fire from his fingertips and took a call from Mama. And he has a tight act with Corey on keys and vocals, Derrick on bass, and Skeet on drums.

If you ever get a chance to see Billy Jones Bluez live don't miss it. Billy is a top rate entertainer who engages his audience. You know it's always a party.

Billy Jones - guitar/vocals
Corey Bray - keyboards/vocals
Derrick Kendricks - bass
Martinous Trammell aka Skeet - drums

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Photos by Larry Heyl.


Billy Jones Bluez


Mama Calling


Corey Singing


Billy Jones Stick


Derek with Shades


Billy Jones Arms Wide


Billy and Skeet


Derek and Corey


Billy Jones Guitar On Head


Skeet and Derek


Billy Jones Singing




Billy Jones Talking




72-Mama Calling

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