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Hairy Larry and George with Cheryl Culp and Mike Lovell at Beatles Park on April 28, 2012


Hairy Larry performing at Beatles Park

The band had the privilege of being the first to perform at Beatles Park in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.

They brought out their rock and roll repertoire for the audience and included many songs The Beatles repopularized in the mid 60s - including tunes originally written and performed by artists such as Carl Perkins and Chuck Berry. It was particularly gratifying to see the audience joining in and singing along with all those old familiar songs.

Having the wonderful backdrop of The Beatles and Abbey Road made the day extra special. Posing with The Beatles at Beatles Park is rapidly becoming irresistable to visitors to Walnut Ridge. The band couldn't resist the opportunity to walk across Abbey Road with them.

This is not the first time Hairy Larry and George have made the "Abbey Road" walk. Here's a link to their Aggie Road CD.

Aggie Road - Hairy Larry and George

Photo Credits - Gretchen Hunt and Vivian Heyl


Zif, Hairy Larry, Cheryl, and George


Hairy Larry, Gretchen, Cheryl, and George


Mike "Zif" Lovell


Hairy Larry and George with Gretchen and Cheryl at Beatles Park


George, Cheryl, Zif, and Hairy Larry


George, Cheryl, Zif, and Hairy Larry at Beatles Park


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