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Mike Overall Tribute on August 15 2014


Mike Overall playing at the library

Friends and bandmates came to TheArtsAt311 to honor the memory of Mike Overall, a jazz force to be reckoned with in Northeast Arkansas. Mike contributed so much to the music of the area as a drummer, journalist, and promoter. He was president of the Jonesboro Jazz Society, played with the Jazz Society Big Band, and brought many top rank jazz stars to Jonesboro. He also played with many other bands throughout his life.

Represented at this Mike Overall Tribute are members of Jazz Alliance, Giant Steps, Joe Lee and Friends, The Jazz Society Big Band, Gary Gazaway and Lisa Ahia. Also present in the audience were his wife, Janie, his stepdaughter, Jill, and life long friends Craig Baker and Tom O'Conner. All present will remember Mike forever, his music lives in us.

Photos by Robin Gasaway
Photo of Mike Overall by Larry Heyl


Joy Sanford and Craig Collison


Lisa Ahia


Tom Mason


Wally Fowler John Bartelt and Gary Gazaway


Dave Eckert


Craig Collison


Gary Gazaway with Wally Fowler


Gary Gazaway and Wally Fowler


John Bartelt


Joy Sanford and Gary Gazaway


Wally Fowler


Craig Collison and Hairy Larry


Mike Newson


Hairy Larry


Lisa Ahia


Wally Fowler

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