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Blues Fest 2011 - September 11, 2011


Chester Jetton

Blues Fest
September 11, 2011

1:00 Jamming with The Mudcats
2:00 Even Break
3:00 David and Kyle Luna
3:40 Chester Jetton
4:20 Mike McLeod
5:00 Three Minute Genius

Photos by Megan Heyl and Vivian Heyl.


Three Minute Genius


72-Kyle Luna


Albert Hall


Billy* Rick* and Larry


Cameron Oswald


Charles Jones


Charles and Shane


Crazy Crow


David Reed


David Shade


Harmonica Orchestra


Jay Shepherd


Kyle and David Luna


Luke Bartlett


Luke Bartlett Singing


Luke Mike George Maddog


Luke Reed


Mark Hall


Mike "Zif" Lovell


Mike McLeod


Reverend Rick


Shugga Shane