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Blues Fest - 25th Annual - September 13, 2015


Rick Walls with Epic Wind

Hairy Larry's Merry Pranksters kicked off the 25th year of Blues Fest. In addition to Hairy Larry on harmonica and guitar, the Pranksters included veteran performers Don McGregor on lead and steel guitar and Bob Garrison on bass. These outstanding musicians are incredible vocalists who know how to deliver a song.

Next up was Striding The Blast. Blues Fest attendees have been fortunate to have the opportunity to see these amazing young musicians evolve over the past few years. Singer/songwriters James Carvell and Joey Hankins front the group which also included Jason Davis on percussion, Joe Camp on bass and Mark Meyer on guitar.

Epic Wind (house band for the Epic Center) closed the day with a set that included rock and country with a helping of blues in between. Epic Wind is Bob Garrison on bass and vocals, David Lind on lead and vocals, Rick Walls on rhythm and vocals, and Roger Scroggins on drums. These guys pack a lifetime of performing into their music and delight audiences with their versatility and repertoire.

With two more weeks of great music on September 20th and 27th the 25th year of Blues Fest is going to be memorable.

25th Annual Blues Fest, September 13, 20, 27, 2015

Photos by Robin Gasaway.


James Carvell and Joey Hankins of Striding The Blast


Don McGregor playing lead with Hairy Larry's Merry Pranksters


Bob Garrison bassist for Epic Wind croons a tune


Jason Davis, percussion, Striding The Blast


David Lind on lead


Hairy Larry and Don McGregor of Hairy Larry's Merry Pranksters


Joe Camp, bass guitarist, Striding The Blast


Joey Hankins delivering


Rick Walls, Epic Wind


Mark Meyer, guitarist, Striding The Blast


Roger Scroggins, drummer, Epic Wind


Bob Garrison jamming the bass


David Lind, lead guitarist and vocalist for Epic Wind


Hairy Larry mugging for the camera, Striding The Blast on stage


Rick Walls


Don McGregor


Joey Hankins

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