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Blues Fest, September 23, 2007

show notes

Photo Credits -


bob dave mike


bob garrison drum black ties


bob garrison drums black ties


charlie cooper guitar 8ght mile


colter hunt mudcats


curtis martin vocals jams


dave brown drums 8ght mile


dave summers guitar black ties


dave summers vocals black ties


don collins organ big blue cats


don collins organ mudcats


gary getts harp big blue cats


george hinds bass mudcats


george hinds ferrell hinds hindsight


george hinds guitar hindsight


george hinds scott mathes mudcats


george hinds vocals hindsight


george scott larry randy mudcats


hairy larry guitar jams


hairy larry guitar mudcats


jim keas vocals 8ght mile


karen lee vocals black ties


karen scott bob dave black ties


mark dixson bass big blue cats


mark dixson scott mathes


mike dollins audience big blue cats


mike dollins gary getts big blue cats


mike dollins guitar big blue cats


mike dollins guitar jams


mike dollins randy gambill


mike larry randy bass


mike rudi bass 8ght mile


oliver hinds vocals hindsight


randy gambill drums mudcats


scott mathes bass black ties


scott mathes hairy larry


ted thorsen drums big blue cats


ted thorsen drums jams


wade mcvay guitar hindsight

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