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Allen Hill

Date of birth: June 27,1968
Place of birth: Paragould, Arkansas
Current Residence: Paragould, Arkansas

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Musical genres: Blues, Non-commercial Rock, Classic R n'R, Hard Rock

photo by Vanessa Eggleton
photo by Vanessa Eggleton Allen Hill began playing drums at age eight. He became a part of the group Red House while living and working in Paragould. After leaving Red House he drummed for Tony Spinner and Gerry Moss and The Drive. He is currently playing drums with Mark Sallings and The Famous Unknowns.

One of the highlights of being the drummer for the The Unknowns has been meeting so many long time blues legends. Recently James Cotton has been sitting in with the band whenever they are giging at Fitzgeralds in Mississippi.

Art Bell has a talk radio show on WREC 600 AM in Memphis. Allen listens to it a lot and reads his website often. Allen claims to have an honorary Theoretical Physicist's degree is Armchiar Cosmology. Visit the Art Bell Website

Whenever Allen is in town he likes to hang out with Delta Boogie's Leon McEntire. Leon McEntire's Delta Boogie review site, Delta Pickins

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placeholderplaceholderplaceholderplaceholderHairy Larry and The Flying Hungarians - June 17, 2004
Arkansas Blues Caravan - May 20, 2007
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