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Creed Slater

Birthdate - November 9, 1982
Birthplace - Jonesboro, Arkansas
Current Residence - Jonesboro, Arkansas

Creed Slater started playing guitar at the age of twelve and is making a name for himself already. Eight months after picking up the guitar, he won his first talent contest at Brookland School. Music school for Creed has been playing Saturday night jams in the family garage and watching and picking up tips from veterans such as Jonathan and Aaron Love. He is presently playing lead guitar for the Accelerators. He also plays guitar with an alternative band one night a week. He gets a lot of offers to play lead for local bands. He hopes someday to be playing lead on Beale Street at BB Kings.

He has plenty of family support: his father Mike plays drums, Uncle Dan plays bass, Grandmother Donna (Alley Records) bought him his first guitar and his mother Treva manages the band. With support like this and the kind of natural talent that Creed has he is sure to meet his goals and acomplish things he enver dreamed of.

Creed played at Blues fest for the first time this year.

-info by Treva Slater

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