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The Society for Creative Anachronism

The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) is an organization dedicated to studying and re-enacting life in pre 17th century Europe. The SCA was created in 1966 by a group of people throwing a theme party set in the medieval ages. It later became incorporated into a non-profit organization.

Knights in Armor

The SCA is something like a civil war re-enactment group. Everyone has a specific role to play. However unlike the civil war re-enactment groups, you create your own persona. This includes nationality (any which can be proven to have had contact with pre 17th century Europe), name, and any odd bit of history that you want to add.

The SCA has many events. Your local group most likely has a meeting place every week, and might also have a yearly event (such as a Renaissance Fair). You will want to talk to your local group about information on when and where these events take place.

Here in Jonesboro, the SCA has weekly meetings at Craighead Forest Park, every Sunday afternoon at 3:00 PM. At these meetings, they discuss the making of arms and armor, the art of jestering, clothes making, and any of the arts they had in medieval times. They also get onto the battlefield in armor, rattan sword in hand, and do unchoreographed fights.

For more information contact your local SCA Marshall or visit one of these websites.
The Incipient Shire of Evensong Forest aka The Jonesboro Chapter of the SCA.

Society for Creative Anachronism Website

For some live action of the the local shire watch these Vivo clips of the Jonesboro SCA chapter.
Swords and Shields

by Kier Heyl and Carl Heyl - Delta Boogie Staff