Halloween is one of my favorite hollidays. I like getting dressed up in costumes. I could do it anyway but I like getting to trick or treat too. The photo to the right is a picture of me last Halloween. This was my Raggedy Ann costume. It was just a cute hat and a dress and some yarn for hair. Mom helped me with the makeup.

This is Little Bear
What's Halloween without a black cat!

You can make your own costumes. Just think about what you would like to dress up as and what would be the best way to do it. Then start looking in thrift stores, or the attic or through the clothes everyone has grown out of. You never know what you will find stuffed back in the corner of your Mom's and Dad's closet that will make a great costume.

The jack o'lanterns below are my first animation. They were made with Paint Shop Pro. It was pretty easy to do. I did all the art work but my brother and Dad helped me with the animating.

Great Costume Sites

Google has a lot of great stuff for Halloween. It also has some neat Halloween costumes and you can print out the directions for making them.
Google Search - Costume Ideas

I found this site when I was looking for easy costumes that don't cost a lot of money. Mom likes it a lot. - Easy Ways to Make Costumes

This one has a ton of ideas and they are all cheap too.
The Goodwill Store Site

Lots of silly costumes. Most of them are easy to do.
Coolest Wacky Costume Ideas

This one has a lot of ideas for costumes made out of boxes. Also costumes where you wear your old sweats to start the costume. Lots of animals.
Homemade Halloween Costumes

Other favorite sites

Visit Gus Town

My Favorite Halloween Sites

Nick Jr Website