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Protest Music

Here's a link to the Protest Music Group at DailyKos.com.

Protest Music

This group is open to participation. Click on over to join the conversation or to post your own articles about Protest Music. If you've written and protest songs let me know.

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Hairy Larry

Protest Music

Protest and topical music including comedy. We're interested in the history of protest music, for instance labor songs, civil rights songs, anti war songs. We also feature contemporary protest music and we particularly want to hear your protest songs.

This is an open group. Please join and post your diaries. If you want to help manage the group message me and I'll make you a BlogEditor.

Of course Protest Music is on topic. But it doesn't have to be both. Protest or Music. Protest is on topic. Music is on topic.

 The Great Pumpkin says VOTE


Use some of that surplus sugar energy to GOTV this weekend thru Election Day on Tuesday!

 Daily Kos Elections Nov. 4, 2014, poll closing times map

Bookmark this handy map of poll closing times for the Nov. 4, 2014 general elections so that you can know when to start checking returns in each state on election night. Note that all times are Eastern, not local. You can click the map for a larger version:

Map of Nov. 4, 2014 poll closing times

And if maps like this are your thing, sign up here to receive the Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest. You'll get our widely praised roundup of all the key election news each weekday morning in your inbox—all for free. Sign up today!

(Special thanks to Miles Kurland.)

 Scott Brown fumbles New Hampshire geography and economy in debate
How well does Scott Brown know the ten counties of New Hampshire? The former Massachusetts senator is defending his knowledge after appearing not to know what the hell he was talking about when asked about Sullivan County, at the western edge of the state, in a Senate debate Thursday night. Observing that both candidates live on the eastern side of the state, moderator James Pindell asked them "what do you see going right in the economy in Sullivan County and what’s going wrong and please be specific." Brown got to his anti-Obamacare talking point just as fast as he could, with the following passing as his specific views on Sullivan County:
Well, you're absolutely right, geography plays a role. Along the southern border we have more jobs and more opportunity. Infrastructure and other opportunities up north are difficult. But one of the biggest opportunities is tourism. One of the biggest opportunities are ski areas and trails for snowmobiles. I support those efforts. I know Sen. Shaheen references a tourist bill.
And then Obamacare. Pindell stopped Brown as he was continuing his totally non-specific talking points, pointing out that "We're talking about Sullivan County, and I think you were talking about the North Country":
Brown: I’m talking about any place past Concord, actually, and the challenges of our state. [... blah blah Obamacare ...]

Pindell: Sullivan County is west of Concord. It’s not north of Concord, Sen. Brown. So what do you see as going well or what’s not going well there.

Brown: With respect, I've answered the question. The challenges are the same in every county in our state.

Wow, the challenges are the same everywhere. Or everywhere "past Concord," which is geographically speaking most of the state. Is Scott Brown really saying that the economic challenges are the same for Hanover and Lancaster?

Brown's campaign now wants to have a geographical debate because Sullivan County—being a county rather than a city—stretches both north and a little south of Concord to its west. True! But if you're from New Hampshire and you're talking about "up north," you're not talking about Sullivan County. You're just not. Maybe unless you're the kind of person for whom "any place past Concord" is an undifferentiated mass.

Brown is also defending himself by noting that he visited a ski area in Sullivan County, claiming that's why he talked about ski areas. Except that in itself betrays him, because there is not a whole hell of a lot of skiing in Sullivan County. There's some, but if you think "Sullivan County economy" and your mind immediately goes to skiing ... it looks suspiciously like that's because you happen to have visited one of the few ski areas there and it's the only thing about the county that stuck with you. Not to mention that all Brown had to do through this exchange was name a specific place in Sullivan County, be it Mt. Sunapee or the county's major population center of Claremont (the latter of which Jeanne Shaheen name-checked in her quite specific answer to the question, by the way).

 Cartoon: Spooking the vote

Matt Wuerker
(Click for larger image)

 Here's an update on the Daily Kos-backed GOTV campaign on South Dakota's Indian reservations
Rock the Lakota Vote Rallies in South Dakota
With support from Four Directions and South Dakota NDN PAC, three rallies are being held this weekend to encourage all Lakota to vote by this coming Tuesday. This Saturday two rallies will be held, one on the Rosebud reservation at 4 PM in the town of Mission and later that evening on the Pine Ridge reservation in Kyle at 8 PM. A noon rally will be held Sunday at the United Tribes Technical College in Rapid City where there are several suburbs with large Indian populations. Featured Native performers will be the 1491s comedy troupe and Frank Waln, a hip-hop artist.

Here is Waln performing at Youth Convergence for the People's Climate March this past September. Notable is the combination of modern rapping and ancient hoop dancing performances.

Waln says, "...we are not protesters, we are protectors, we protect the land, we've been doing it for thousands and thousands of years and we're still doing it today." He ends with, "these borders can't hold me back, they said I'm a red man, you a dead man, better off on the rez what they said man, we ain't a mascot, we ain't a ghost now, we're human beings with a soul you know now."

The message will likely be very similar for the get-out-the-vote rallies. Natives need to vote to protect the land. Rick Weiland is against the Keystone XL pipeline, which threatens reservations in South Dakota. It's a compelling issue that will help bring out the Lakota and Dakota nations to vote.

Your contributions have made it possible to provide much-needed transportation to the polls. In Rapid City a free taxi service has been set up for this purpose.

Free taxi service to the polls in Rapid City, South Dakota
Transportation is also being provided on several reservations where one in four adults don't own cars. State Rep. Kevin Killer told Daily Kos that transportation is definitely set-up for the Crow Creek reservation because the nearest polling place is 50 miles away and absentee ballots have still not shown up. You can read more about this regrettable situation in Meteor Blades's diary.

You've raised more than $160,000 of the $200,000 goal. You all completely ROCK!

Screen shot of the current fundraising totals for South Dakota NDN Election Efforts
You can still contribute to the work of the South Dakota NDN Election Efforts. There's still more fuel to buy for buses and food to buy for volunteers. Contribute so American Indian voices can be heard!
 Fight back against big money in #CA17: GOTV for Mike Honda

How can we fight back against the Venture Capital and Enron hedge fund money pouring into California’s 17th congressional district? Get Out The Vote by going door to door or by phone to make sure those already committed to Mike Honda cast their ballots.

President Obama and Congressman Mike Honda
Mike Honda, endorsed by Pres. Obama
The Real Obama Team
Of the over 1200 people running for congress in the country, Honda’s opponent, Ro Khanna was already #2 with “Fat Cat” donors that have maxed out their $2600 limit. Now one of Khanna’s donor’s, Ash Chopra, perhaps stifled by the federal limits on personal contributions, started a Super PAC with the express purpose of supporting Khanna. Thanks to the Citizens United ruling, Super PAC’s are unencumbered on raising and spending money in campaigns. Federal Election Committee filings show Ash Chopra’s Californians for Innovation Super PAC has raised $480,000 and as of 10/15 has spent $305,306.

The biggest donors are Texas Enron billionaire John Arnold and his wife Laura who have each given $125,000. Arnold has also given $300,000 to back a Michelle Rhee supported candidate running for California’s Superintendent of Public Instruction. Along with Arnold, whose goal is to weaken teachers’ unions and privatize schools, is a list of venture capitalists and investors lining up to throw thousands of dollars at Ro Khanna’s Super PAC.

 Community Quilt for Yasuragi

Meteor Blades' quilt in the quilting hoop

Our friend, Yasuragi, has had a hell of a year, and she is in chroni pain.  Onomastic is in close touch with her and kindly provided the details of what happened to Yasu:

Four years ago she was put on the antibiotic from hell, Levaquin. Do not allow anyone to prescribe Levaquin to you or anyone you know. The drug has nasty side affects, including serious tendon damage.  Levaquin did just that to Yasu's legs, from hips to ankles, leaving her barely able to walk for two years. She was left in constant pain, unable to work, and struggling for hope. Yasu is now having annual injections to moderate the pain so she can get around but the damage has left her vulnerable to falls. She fell last winter and damaged her right hand, the hand she needs most to be able to do her wood working.

Then in March she was in a horrific car accident in Vermont. If she hadn't been driving her tank of a Volvo she would have been killed. As it was she was laid up for a couple months, again, unable to work. And now a bone in her right hand has been fractured, leaving her once more unable to work. To say she is feeling like the universe is busily engaged in swinging two by fours at her with no signs of stopping is an understatement.

The last few years have taken a deep financial and emotional toll. I can't think of anything that would do her more good than to be able to wrap herself in one of yours and Ann's beautiful quilts filled with loving messages from this wonderful community.

We agree that Yasu could use the comfort of a quilt containing loving words from her online friends.  So that is why we are here tonight!  Let us lift her up and embrace her in friendship and loving support.
 Photo Diary: Saving the Senate in pictures

Almost two weeks ago, I relocated from my home in Portland, OR, to Louisville, KY, to volunteer with the Ditch Mitch campaign. Below is a photo diary of campaign life.

You don't have to move to Kentucky to help save the U.S. Senate from a tea party takeover. Click here to volunteer from the comfort of your home.

 Scott Walker's Palinesque word salad meltdown on Medicaid

This has to be seen to be believed!

Goal Thermometer

Wow, the extreme Republican Wisconsin governor sounds just like Sarah Palin! Befuddled, confused, and incoherent.

Normally, smooth-talking Scott Walker has all his talking points lined up and ready to go.  The greasy spinmeister never ever gets rattled (a political plus when selling snake oil) and when presented with a question he doesn't like, he answers it with a talking point on another subject.

This time, however, he had an on-camera meltdown when asked about BadgerCare (Wisconsin's Medicaid program) and charges that he refused Medicaid expansion as a favor to the $1.2 million-donating insurance industry. It's been estimated that rejecting Medicaid expansion could be worth more than $300 million to the insurance industry in Wisconsin, according to a report by Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

Sadly, this interview received NO air time other than on the Madison station that conducted the brief interview. I would have missed it if it hadn't been featured on Blogging Blue.

The original piece (along with the full video) is available here. It's worth your time to click over to see Walker's entire pathetic alphabet soup response.

Please chip in $3 to help Mary Burke kick Scott Walker out of office!

Defeat Mitch McConnell in just two hours. Sign up to make GOTV calls to Democrats.
So, enjoy watching Snotty look dumbfounded and miserable.
 Urgent: Time is Very Short for Veterans Day Event

I need your help again for this year's Veterans Day event.

Each year I sponsor a Veterans Day celebration in my senior building. I don't have enough money at this moment to put it on. This weekend I wrote a cancellation flyer, but did not have the heart to post it. I have posted a couple of diaries asking for help with some results.

I received a winter coat for one of the vets who is without one. Really wonderful condition. (Thanks, kiddo), and $25.00 through Paypal and bought some socks with it. A few months ago I bought the beans for the chili but not the vegetables or meat for it.

I need some more donations or I will have to cancel the luncheon this year.

I live in a subsidized building so no one here has any extra money. That includes me, unfortunately.

This will be the 4th year of this celebration. Some of the vets have passed on, a few moved to nursing homes and so on. But each year we have new tenants who are veterans so the number of current vets remains about the same, 27 or 28. We have a smaller group of Korean War vets but most are vets from Viet Nam. I need your help to make it happen.

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