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Protest Music

Protest and topical music including comedy. We're interested in the history of protest music, for instance labor songs, civil rights songs, anti war songs. We also feature contemporary protest music and we particularly want to hear your protest songs.

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Of course Protest Music is on topic. But it doesn't have to be both. Protest or Music. Protest is on topic. Music is on topic.

 Here's a song for Kim Davis . . . . . . The Homophobe Tango (She Had It Coming)

 Hellraisers Journal: "Judge O. N. Hilton in the Joe Hill Case," the International Socialist Review
"In Salt Lake, Joe," says I to him,
Him standing by my bed,
"They framed you on a murder charge,"
Says Joe, "But I ain't dead,"
Says Joe, "But I ain't dead."
-Alfred Hayes

Wednesday September 1, 1915
From the International Socialist Review: "Judge O. N. Hilton in the Joe Hill Case"

Orrin N Hilton
In the latest edition of the International Socialist Review we find an article on the appeal of the conviction of Joe Hill argued by his attorney, Judge O. N. Hilton. Below the fold our readers can find republished the entire text of the article, which also asks readers to write to Governor Spry of Salt Lake City, Utah, to set aside the death sentence and spare the life of Joe Hill.

As readers of Hellraisers know, the appeal was heard on May 28th and rejected by the Utah Supreme Court on July 3rd. Fellow Worker Hill was then immediately moved from the Salt Lake County Jail to the Utah State Prison. On August 2nd, he was brought before Judge M. L. Ritchie and re-sentenced to be shot. The execution is set for October 1st.

The next step in the legal effort to save the life of the Rebel Songwriter will be an appeal to the Utah Board of Pardons. We have received information that that process is already underway.

Meanwhile, the office of Governor Spry continues to be inundated with letters and telegrams from across the nation and around the world pleading for the life of Joe Hill.

 Homeless 6

It’s not a good day.  The overcast gloom continues (not the rain, though) – and it’s brought humidity and heat along with it for today.  

I didn’t sleep well.  I frequently don’t, but usually it’s in a site where there’s a huge room packed with pads, with some kind of barrier set between the men’s section and the women’s section.  At Trinity and at Our Saviour’s (which I mentioned yesterday) the barrier is made up of rolling walls covered in burlap, sometimes with posters and photos tacked to them.  At St Isidore’s (the Monday night site) the barrier is made up of a couple of banquet tables, turned onto their sides.

Those banquet tables don’t block a lot of noise.  And holy CRAP can a gymnasium filled with men sleeping make a LOT of noise.

 For our very own Black Butterfly and Sister, JoanMar
I don't recall exactly when I met JoanMar. Probably, it was in a comment section on The Porch; we do feel a little freer to "let our hair down" there. I do know that I have always loved JoanMar's gentle tenacity, even when we disagreed over this that or the other. Late in 2014, JoanMar and I were joined at the hip when it was announced that we were to become the two newest editors for Black Kos. Then late in April of this year, JoanMar had noticed a couple of my complaints about the speed of the computers in the public library and Kos-mailed me wondering if would allow for a community fundraiser to be held so that I could get a laptop computer to do more work here at Kos. I said yes, and JoanMar and peregrinekate conducted a fundraiser. Two weeks later, I had a spanking new laptop.

JoanMar is not simply a "virtual" friend; she is a kind-hearted woman, mother, someone that I affectionately call "Sis" as well as a valued member of the Daily Kos community. In addition to her Blog Administrator duties at Black Kos, she is also the founder and a Blog Administrator of the Support the Dream Defenders Group and a Blog Administrator of Barriers and Bridges, The Police Accountability Group, and Community Fundraisers Group

And now, JoanMar needs our help.

Last Saturday, JoanMar's oldest daughter passed away suddenly in the hospital. I cannot imagine the grief and the shock and the pain that my online "sister" and her offline family is going through. JoanMar needs all of the love and support that this online community can muster.

Expenses for her daughter's funeral are estimated to be around $10,000.00; at the same time, JoanMar is also providing financial support for her other children and her extended family. Thanks to the enormous generosity of JoanMar's online family here at Daily Kos, a total of $9,479.00 in donations has been raised as a result of two previous fundraisers (as of 1am Sunday morning). We are trying to cover the entire cost of the funeral so that JoanMar and her family do not incur any additional expenses. And we are nearly at our goal!

Because of your caring support this amazing community has almost covered all of the funeral costs. What we don't know is what unexpected expenses will crop up.

We do know that, like so many of us, Joan lives pay check to paycheck. We know she has lost time from work and will no doubt miss some more. We don't want financial concerns to add to an already overburdened heart. Therefore, we'd like to increase our goal to $15,000 so Joan, her younger children, and family, can have the needed time to be together without added financial worries. They have a long road in front of them, one we can ease.

Any size monetary donation or even a tip, a rec, or republishing this to your Kos-groups would be greatly appreciated. And thank all of you for all that you already do!

Fundraising Updates from JoanMar

I just got the first fundraising total update from Joan.  She expresses her profound gratitude to the community for its wonderful outpouring of support.  Most of you don't know this, but Joan has also been supporting other members of her real extended family for years.  It would be fantastic if we could cover the entire costs associated with this funeral and not allow her to incur any debt whatsoever.  Let's see if we can do it! Thank you, everyone. (JekyllnHyde)

Update #1 (Wednesday, August 26th): As of 8:47 pm Eastern Time, the fundraising total is $2,545.00!

Update # 2: Wow, this is simply amazing!  As of 10:00 pm ET, we stand at $3585.44. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Update # 3: Fantastic!  We've reached $6567.31 as of 11:00 pm ET.  Let's keep it going, please.  All of us on the fundraising team don't have the appropriate words to offer our thanks.

Update # 4: I simply cannot believe this.  Your incredible generosity means the world to JoanMar and her family.  As of 12:00 am, we are up to $7023.54!!!!

Update # 5 (Thursday, August 27th): Are you ready for this?  The new fundraising total is $8676.77 as of 10:45 pm ET.  Let's get this closer to $10,000.  Thanks, everybody.

Update #6: As of midnight, JoanMar informed us the new total is $8939.63. Hugs and kisses to ALL. This community is the BEST!

Update #7 (Sunday, August 30th): As of 1:00 a.m. ET on Sunday, August 30, the new total is $9479.00. This does not count the snail-mail contributions.

Update #8: I just got another update from Joan.  As of 1:00 pm ET, the fundraising total stands at $9674.69.  Thank you and let's keep moving forward. (JnH)

Update #9: As of 9:55 pm ET, the total is $9,819.00.  Thanks for your contributions.

 Hellraisers Journal: "To Save Joe Hill" Eugene Debs in the American Socialist "The days are few."

And now [Joe Hill] is sentenced to be shot
and we must go to his rescue and use
all our influence to save his life.
The days are few
and there must be immediate action.
-Eugene Victor Debs

Monday August 30, 1915
From the American Socialist: Eugene Debs Calls for Action to Save Joe Hill

In the American Socialist of August 28th, Comrade Debs calls for immediate action to save the life of that favorite writer of rebel songs, Joe Hill:

American Socialst, Aug 28, 1915
To Save Joe Hill by Eugene V. Debs, American Socialist, Aug 28, 1915
Joe Hill

Joe Hill, convicted of a murder he did not commit, is sentenced to be shot in October in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hill was convicted upon purely circumstantial evidence by a prejudiced jury after being refused his constitutional right to choose his own counsel. Without going into detail at this time there is sufficient evidence to convince any unprejudiced mind that Joe Hill was convicted because of his militant activity in the labor movement. He is an "undesirable citizen" of the I. W. W. variety but he is anything but a murderer.

Joe Hill is of a poetic temperament and is the author of songs of labor of genuine merit; he is of a tender, sympathetic and generous nature and utterly incapable of committing the crime charged against him. And now he is sentenced to be shot and we must go to his rescue and use all our influence to save his life. The days are few and there must be immediate action. Let every one who is willing to help write to Honorable William Spry, Governor of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah., petitioning the governor for the pardon of Joe Hill. This petition ought to be circulated and as numerously signed as possible and there should be no delay in sending it. Money is also needed and all of us should contribute our mite and help in every other way we can to save the life of this brother of ours in the cause of labor.

[Photograph added.]


American Socialist
(Chicago, Illinois)
 -Aug 28, 1915
(Also source for images of text within article.)

Joe Hil


 The Chicago hunger strike for Dyett High School: Why it matters to us all

It’s been a tough week for the environment. A chunk of glacier so big it could bury Manhattan in 1000 feet of ice fell into the sea off Greenland. Monstrous forest fires raged in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest with some of those fires weakening the permafrost which protects us from a possible methane apocalypse. Scientists in Europe reported that climate change may be degrading soil quality, threatening a dangerous reduction in the world’s food supply.

And in Chicago’s largely African American Bronzeville, 12 people have been on hunger strike since August 17, demanding a high school in their community that would focus on green technology and global leadership. With humanity facing the greatest environmental crisis in the history of the species we could sure use more green technology and global leadership. Right?

Hunger strikers Jitu Brown and Irene Robinson are joined by AFT President Randi Weingarten at an August 25 press conference
 Hellraisers Journal: Eugene V. Debs: "Joe Hill is a poet, a writer of songs, a man of soul."

Joe Hill is a poet, a writer of songs, a man of soul, a tender and sympathetic nature
and the crime of murder is as foreign to him and as unthinkable
as it would be to any other man of like temperament.
-Eugene Victor Debs

Sunday August 29, 1915
Salt Lake City, Utah - Governor Spry Receives Letter from Debs on Behalf of Joe Hill

Among the many volumes of letters received by Governor Spry pleading with him to spare the life of Joe Hill, is the following from Comrade Eugene Debs:

                                                                                              August 20, 1915
                                                                                              Terre Haute, Indiana

Dear Governor Spry,

Joe Hill
Please allow me to say a word in behalf of Joseph Hillstrom (also known as Joe Hill). From the reports that have come to me from those in position to know the facts and whom I regard as entirely trustworthy, I am convinced that there is more than a reasonable doubt as to the guilt of this unfortunate brother of ours in the cause of labor. He was convicted upon circumstantial evidence, denied the right to choose his own counsel, while at the same time there was unquestionably a strong prejudice against him on account of his activity in the labor movement.

Joe Hill is a poet, a writer of songs, a man of soul, a tender and sympathetic nature and the crime of murder is as foreign to him and as unthinkable as it would be to any other man of like temperament. For this reason and others I will not trouble you with I beg you to give serious consideration to the case of Joe Hill and if you do I am confident you will grant him executive clemency. Joe Hill is not a murderer; he is a man and the great state of Utah where murder is so abhorred cannot afford to take his life.

Thanking you sincerely for myself and for the working people in whose behalf Joe Hill has labored and suffered and made many sacrifices I remain,

                                                                                                    Yours very truly,
                                                                                                    Eugene V. Debs

[Photograph added.]


Letters of Eugene V. Debs, Volume 1
 -ed by J. Robert Constantine
University of Illinois Press, Jan 1, 1990

Joe Hill


 Helping the Homeless

An observation from a homeless man in New York City.

 Martin Luther King Jr - 52 Years Ago, Today

Today, August 28 marks the 52nd anniversary of the March on Washington, during which the honorable Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his historic "I Have A Dream" address.  More than 200,000 individuals converged on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. this day 52 years ago to draw the country's attention to the struggles faced by African Americans.

Every time I hear this speech, I wonder just how far we have come as a society in terms of today's headlines, and our race issues and differences that we face in this country.  Yes, we have made progress, but how much, and why in 2015, we still haven't resolved our differences?

If you wish, take the 17 minutes to listen to the link I have provided to hear the words of one of this country's greatest citizen:  He was this country's "Gandhi moment", and he was violently taken away from us, but his words still bring a tear to my eye, along with hope to see what the good, and honorable Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted so much for all African Americans, and for all Americans regardless of race, creed, or color....  

I too, have that dream....

"Now Is The Time...."
 - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - August 28, 1963
 Trump Is The Monster The GOP Created