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The Morning's Made For Love

Copyright 1995 by Larry Heyl, BMI

I don't want no loud alarm clock
To wake and shake me out of bed.
Get off to work and push and shove.
Not me, the morning's made for love.

Sometimes I like it of the evening.
Sometimes sooner like a nooner.
I know the night time is the right time
But the morning's made for love.

Well I know you like to party.
To dance and laugh and have some fun.
We'll party on until the dawn.
And then the morning's made for love.

He made the oceans for the fishes.
And He made wishing wells for wishes.
He made the stars shine up above.
And the morning's made for love.

Well man was made to please a woman.
A woman loves to please her man.
Now since we're made to please each other.
Won't you be my morning lover.

So I'll just lie here with my baby
I don't want to face the world.
You know what I'm thinking of
The morning's made for love.

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