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Hairy Larry and George with Ringer Star at Beatles At The Ridge Festival September 15, 2012


Ringer Star

What a super day the band (Hairy Larry, George, "The Honey Lady" Cheryl Culp and Mike "Zif" Lovell) had at the Beatles at the Ridge festival in Walnut Ridge. The constant drizzle did not dampen the enthusiasm and the crowd continued to grow all day.

Larry wrote a song "Doing the Beatles Walk" to pay tribute to the day and to the sculpture of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road at Beatles Park. Guesting with the band was Ringer Star (Ringo Starr impersonator Mike Callahan) who added another level of excitement to the festival.

The band did a great job of combining the music of Northeast Arkansas with the music of the lads from Liverpool with "Kansas City". They also performed "Act Naturally" and "With a Little Help From My Friends" with Ringer Star.

The group finished their set with a great gospel number "You've Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley" bringing up guest vocalist Mike Doyle.

You can hear the audio recordings here.

Live at Beatles Park on September 15, 2012

Photos by Megan Heyl
Photo of Mike Doyle and George by Robin Gasaway


George, Ringer Star, Cheryl, Zif and Larry


George and Ringer Star


Doing The Beatles Walk


Hairy Larry singing "Doing The Beatles Walk"


Ringer Star Smiling


George, Ringer and Cheryl


George and Zif


The Band with Ringer Star


Mike Doyle and George


George, Cheryl and Larry


Ringer Star Pointing Up


Hairy Larry Blowing Harp


George, Zif, Cheryl and Larry Singing


George and Ringer with Flowers


George, Ringer, Cheryl, Zif and Larry


Ringer Star Putting On A Show


George, Cheryl, Zif and Larry-1


George, Cheryl, Zif and Larry-2


George, Cheryl, Zif and Larry-3

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