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Illinois Blues Festival September 5, 2015


Spirit of Peoria

It was a beautiful day in Peoria at the Illinois Blues Festival on September 5, 2015. I had just finished my workshop, Jazz Voicings For Blues Piano And Guitar, and I was ready to play. The Spirit of Peoria riverboat paddled by.

I had a blast. I played the first half of my set solo and then filling out the Merry Pranksters' roster for the day Chris "Stinger" Stevens and Tom Beck joined me on stage. Thanks to Mike Thurman for shooting video of my set.

Chris and Ron Roling gave a blues guitar workshop and then we were Putting It All Together, a regular jam session. Joined by Bob Roling, drums, and then Kristy Nichols, vocals, we were cooking. Our repertoire came from Freddie King, Junior Wells, Carlos Santana, Johnny Cash, Paul Butterfield, and Frank Frost. Now that's the blues.

YouTube playlist - Hairy Larry live at the Illinois Blues Festival

Download or stream the audio recordings.

Jazz Voicings Worksheet

Video by Mike Thurman
Photos by Vivian Heyl


Putting It All Together - Kristy Nichols, Ron Roling, Bob Roling, Larry and Chris


Chris Singing


Hairy Larry Dancing


Tom Beck


Ron Roling


Mike and Larry


Larry Dancing Chris Playing


Hairy Larry Singing


One Hand Waving Free


Hairy Larry at the Illinois Blues Festival